complete short research writing discussion post

This is what I wrote for discussion one along with the keywords I used:

Keywords: “rape” and “College” and “parties”

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WRTG 291 students:

In WRTG 291, you will focus your writing assignments on a research topic of your choice. Over the next two weeks, you will work on gathering research for a reflective annotated bibliography. Later in the course, you will discuss this process as part of a personal narrative of your research. As you begin to develop these next assignments, it may be useful to read over: Writing A Personal Research Narrative by L.S. Bergman. A copy of this material has been posted on Week 3’s Content page.

This exercise will help you to become familiar with academic research and the UMUC databases. In this tutorial, you will move beyond the “One Search Database” and learn about some of the other databases that UMUC Library offers.

Please watch library tutorial 3 video tutorial on the UMUC Library databases.

The purpose of this activity is to help you become familiar with other resources outside of OneSearch and with steps you can take in searching on a specific database through the UMUC Library.

1. Please conduct the same keyword search you completed in the previous library exercises. Then add one of the additional resources to your search, as described in the video.

2. Conduct a keyword search on one database. Locate one article through this new search. Then post the following:

-the name of the database you searched on

-the author and title of the article you found