complete the following linear programming problem with sensitivity anysis

Covering Chapter 5 (Quantitative Business Modeling)

******See the attached word file

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Also, please understand what e1 means when you view the sensitivity report. For instance,1+e1=1*10^1=10, 1+e2=1*10^2=100, and 1+e3=1*10^3=1000. Then you will be able to generalize for a different number like 1+e8=1*10^8=100000000.

As you work on part d, please be careful, as I am not asking you to select a resource that has the largest shadow price. You might have to select two or three resources according to the sensitivity report.

Complete each homework assignment in two (2) parts.

First, complete the mathematical requirements for each assigned question and subpart in a separate Excel tab.

Second, complete the narrative description requirements of the assignment in a Word document. Complete the narrative in the Word document. When the question asks for calculations, make reference to the appropriate tab in the Excel file for reference. Also, please include (1)sensitivity report, (2)answerreport and (3)programming tab within the same spreadsheet.

– Show mathematical steps in detail to receive full credits

– You must use the “Solver” add-in for excel to complete this assignment

You can reference the following videos for guidance on completing the problem:

**I will tip generously for 100% on this assignment