complete week 5 college algebra assignment no plagiarism

This week, you must submit in the W5 Assignment dropbox a Microsoft Word document addressing the following items. You will earn 20 points if you cover all the items for Week 5. If you do not cover all the items you will not earn points for the Week 5 Deliverables.

Problem solving plan

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oProblem 6

§What parent function does it look like you need to use to fit the shape in Figure 6?

§Share your ideas of how you will go about figuring out the equation. There are multiple methods, so if you have more than one idea, share them all!

oProblem 10

§In order to find the distance for the red marked paths, does it make more sense to use the Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, slope, or equation of the line? Could it be possible to use any of them? Explain your answer.

§What concept or formula will you need to use in order to create the equation that gives time as a function of distance?