Compulsive Disorder 

Class, This is a reminder that your Assignment #8: Peer Edit is actually a Self-Edit assignment. All I am expecting is 1~3 paragraphs discussing 3 successes your research rough draft has, 2 improvements that should be made for your final draft submission, and advice on the process of writing your rough and final drafts—that’s it. This should be a very simple assignment that you can earn the full 40 points quite easily. If you have any questions, use the forums for your peers to answer or send me an email/Moodle message. Good luck!


Self-Edit Assignment

The rough draft as currently done has achieved to introduce OCD to the audience. the introduction part has shed some light on what comprises OCD and what it’s not. In this line, even for a person who has never heard or read of the disorder, the introduction would set a good starting point before one goes to the disorder’s details. The essay also takes the reader through the treatment process of OCD. The treatment process is written in chronological order, starting with the disorder’s diagnosis, which entails what one has to have to be diagnosed with OCD. The symptoms of the disorder are also put forward, which leads to the categorization of OCD patients into four main groups. From this information, the reader gets to know the challenges that OCD patients go through in their daily lives as they struggle with their obsessions and compulsions. The reader is also taken through the intervention process, which takes the form of psychotherapy and medications. The last achievement that the rough draft has gotten is the exposure of the risk factors. As the cause of OCD is not known, what people need to know is the risk factors 

Despite its achievement, there is always room for improvement. The first improvement would be to work more on the thesis statement to focus on the issues discussed in the body of the essay. The essay arguments also need to be articulated more so that they serve the purpose of the thesis and derive some more conclusions based on the research around the disorder. Where necessary, restructuring the paragraphs will be done so that they meet the required criteria.