coordination of care plan

Consider the following case study. Gail is a 52-year-old Caucasian woman who has just finished an intensive course of treatment for breast cancer. During the course of her treatment, her husband—unable to handle to stress of caregiving—left the relationship. Due to the severe side effects of the treatment, Gail chose to stop working three months ago. At her office visit, where she learned that she is in remission, Gail discloses to the nurse that she is about to lose her house and has no family nearby with whom to live.

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  • What plan for coordination of Gail’s care with other providers and agencies would you put into place if you were a social work case manager at this doctor’s office?
  • . In your postings, consider: What is the rationale for promoting communication between providers? What are barriers that need to be considered by providers in enhancing the frequency and quality of coordination of care?