create a dynamic web based application in html css php sql and js gt charity for cancer website

Project Requirements

  • The web application should have 5 pages namely: a home page, data entry page(s) for storing data in one database table, a search form for entering simple queries on the database table, a search results page that displays output for your queries
  • The application’s 5 web pages should be linked to a navigation bar.
  • Use an external cascading style sheet to style your web application
  • All the 5 web pages in your application should be created in PHP
  • The web application should have separate pages for data entry and data output
  • Validate fields in your web forms using JavaScript to prevent users from submitting blank forms to database or invalid data
  • Use SQL to retrieve your data from the database display well formatted web reports.

Project Report

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  • Prepare a 5-page project report which should have the following
    • An introduction on the problem you web application is addressing
    • 3 Functional and 3 non-functional requirements of your web application
    • Wire frame diagram showing how your web pages are interlinked in the web application
    • Database schema for your web application
    • The description of each of your web pages with respect to their purpose. Including screenshots for each of the web pages
    • A link to web application
    • Appendix with the source code used in building the web application

    NOTE: This is a Charity website for cancer. Please Follow the structure carefully.