critical reflection 3

  • -this course name is (critical race theoty).
  • -I need a reflection which should be in two pages.
  • -This is the topic of the reflection. (Personal, Cultural and Theoretical Origins of Critical Theory: Father, Marx, and. Hitler at the Turn of the 20th century).
  • -use ( I ) pronoun in the reflection. For example, I agree. I see, I wondering, I question,……….
  • -also I want to use many quotations “ “ in the reflection to proof the thinking.
  • -the quotations should be in few words not many sentences.
  • – do not forget to mention page number of the quotations.
  • -the reflection should be from all the parts which I attached in the files. (part one, part 1a, part two, part 2b
  • see the page numbers so you can know the order. all pages from the same book( Grand Hotel Abyss).