cultural competency organizational assessment and solutions 1

Design a virtual training session for departmental and organizational use on the topic of Cultural Competency . Presentation can include clip art, links to additional sources Must include a script in the notes section of each presentation’s slide. Audio narration is not required, but the script in the notes section should inform narration. Topics must include at minimum cultural competency discussion: employees, patient care, importance, alignment with mission, vision of and values of the organization, define and discuss cultural competency, compare and contrast cultural competency and diversity, ethics, health disparities, impact on decision making, measures to establish and maintain a culturally competent organization and environment Using Microsoft Excel, Word or a survey software, design a tool for attendees to assess the cultural competency training Identify a list of cultural competency related domains and accompanying knowledge, skills, and abilities for attendees to measure the effectiveness of the virtual training session Integrate data analytics to assess, evaluate and/or recommend local state and federal cultural competence (and/or related) regulatory compliance measures.