d3 competitive strategy and innovation 1

  • Leadership is a key ingredient for real innovation to occur. In an innovative culture, leaders serve as role models. They encourage their teams to see things differently, and go beyond the status quo. They set the tone and the pace. There are a number of leadership styles that are conducive to innovation. In this dialogue, we will discuss transformational leadership.
  • Watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Wu4P8CZxk&feature=youtu….Walt Disney, Transformational Leader.
  • What is transformational leadership? Why do people consider Walt Disney to be a transformational leader? How do these types of leaders change industries, communities, and influence society? What characteristics do they have that help bring successful innovations into the marketplace? Why are teams more innovative in response to this type of leadership style? Name another transformational leader.

700 words Original Work no other sources please, NO APA required.

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