database for restaurant management system 2

This assignment will assess your ability to design and develop a small-scale database system. Your database should, if possible be a real one. Alternatively, you may create a simulated real world database based on information requirements in an organization with which you are familiar. The length of assignment should be 2500 words.

The overall task of this assessment, is to write a report that describes a complete database structure with all its related components based on a selected topic.

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My topic is “Database for Restaurant Management System”

The Report should include the following sections:

1 Initial Study (250 words)

2 Requirements analysis (500 words)

3 Design:

3.1 Modelling the requirement using the E/R conceptual model (250 words)

3.2 Data Dictionary (500 words)

3.3 Converting the conceptual model to logical schema (500 words)

3.4 Normalizing the logical schema (500 words)

*** Word count: 2500 words

*** In-Text Citation and References using Harvard style

*** Two attachments have been uploaded named: “Guidelines & Example”