desktop administration 7

Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Course Outcome:

GEL- 7.3: Analyze the effects ethical decision-making on human behavior.

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Assignment Instructions:

Research the topic about the history of computer hacking and cyber security threats. Analyze the consequences to human lives, society, and the global community that these unethical and illegal activities generate. Explore the frequency or statistics in which cyber attacks and cyber threat incidents occur.

Investigate and consider the ethical impact that the skills gap among professionals in the cybersecurity field may have contributed to the current situation.

Use at least two references from books or the Internet within your paper.

Prepare a two-page paper (plus title page and references page) not including charts or graphics in APA format explaining the topic.

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment:

Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft Word document. Place the document and any screenshots into a zip file and save it as IT261_YourName_Unit_9_Assignment_2 and submit it to the appropriate Dropbox for Unit 9, Assignment 2.