discussion 09 making changes in a new world of technology

Cell phone use has exploded over the past five years. While the restrictions of cell phone use are being relaxed in some hospital settings, there continue to be concerns about patient privacy in the use of camera phones, sounds (ringtones) that are distracting and can sound like alarms.

While the use of cell phones in hospitals is beyond the scope of this class, our concern is certainly about patient privacy and safety.

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Imagine that you are a patient in the hospital, post-surgery (one that you do not want the local gossip to know about…more or less your friends), you are up in the hall walking (as advised by your care givers) in a glamorous hospital gown, and of course no makeup and hair disheveled. As you walk past a room another patient’s visitor is taking a picture and you are in the background. Of course, you live in a small rural area where “everyone knows everyone” and soon after friends begin calling family to find out what is going on. You respond, “will that go on social media?” and the reply is, “of course, everyone posts on there.”

How would you react to the situation? Should there be a restriction on camera phones, why or why not? What responsibility do you think the hospital has? List at least three actions the hospital should take to prevent this from happening again. In addition, ask one question about this topic for others to answer and/or clarify.

When you respond to others, provide an opposing response, backing up your view with facts, not just opinion.