discussion 1036

answer in discussion format. minimum of 110 words and max of 200, read the numbered topic and elaborate on the question. Do not put in format.

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1) What order do the pieces of an essay go in? What would be considered page 1 of an APA formatted paper?

2)When integrating the research you have found into your writing, you support your statements with pieces of information from your research. You can do this through either directly quoting the information, or by paraphrasing the information.

Discuss the following:

  • What is the difference between direct quotes and paraphrases?
  • When would it be appropriate to use a direct quote versus a paraphrase?
  • How do the in-text citations differ between direct quotes and paraphrases?


Discussion: Watching Our Own Writing Habits

We all have writing habits that appear repeatedly in drafts that need to be revised. It is not important to struggle to avoid these habits in drafts, but it is very important to learn your own habits that you need to look for while revising. What might you recognize as one or more habits that you will need to keep looking for as you write papers later in your college career?

4)As we have discussed, APA formatted papers should not use personal pronouns like “I” or “me” and “you” because a research paper should forefront objective research, not personal writing, or “Me telling you all about me!” This is one of the big differences between casual writing and high-quality academic writing.

But Chapter 15 instructs us to show a point of view, the observations of the writer that subtly considers the topic. We don’t need to inject ourselves or our opinions: “My point of view is that I believe that everyone should recycle.” Ugh! Instead, a point of view statement would be more like “Recycling benefits individuals and their communities.” The point of view is clear without any need for self-reference or injecting opinion.

From Exercise 15-1, choose one of the numbered statements, observe the suggested revision, and come up with your own original revision with a point of view. (Include your explanation so that you reach the goal of 100 words for a Substantive post.)

****The sentence from the exercise I chose to depersonalize is, “My math course this semester is more challenging than I expected it to be,” After reading the text it really cleared up a lot of loose ends I was having involving the APA format. After considering the notes that I have taken I think this sentence should be stated more to tune of, “Math courses can leave some students feeling as though they may have underestimated the intensity of the course,” I feel this rephrasing still captures the feel that the original is trying to give just in a more depersonalized way.

5)When I watched the video, I feel like that used to be me in high school. I was always the one waiting for the last day before a test, or to study. I think the video was right, students always worry about other classes, parties, or significant others that take their attention away from school. Because of this, they do wait until the last minute to do a paper that’s due. So I think they assume they can get away with copying someone’s work and taking the credit for it and getting that passing grade. They don’t have enough time to get it done, so they plagiarise. A student can very quickly use time management to their advantage or putting their priorities in order. They can start the paper early and keep coming back to it until it’s due.

Plagiarism happens in the workforce too. If this happens, the implications could be catastrophic. It can result in lawsuits, ruin the good name of a business. Each business should create some sort of guidelines to try and avoid this from ever happening. Designers have to be careful because they are always using images from the internet. Just ask for permission if this is what you want to do.

6)The statement I’m choosing from exercise 13-1 is I rode a train. I am choosing this sentence because it has a lot of room for creative expansion and elaboration.