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Briefly explain what the Fact-Value problem is and offer an example to make your description better. Do you find the fact-value problem helpful in thinking critically about ethics?



The fact-value problem could be described as a fact is something that is known and is not based off opinion it simply is. A value on the other hand is an emotional response and based off of what someone feels which is derived from many things such as how a person is raised. An example could be seeing an abused child, you know this because of the evidence and the child says their parent abuses them. The fact stands that the child has been abused the value is that it makes you angry and want to do something about it. Whether it be to help the child and get the authorities involved and or beat up the parent. What is ethically correct in this sittuation based off of what is given is somewhat complicated but one would think the best course of action would be to alert the authorities.



The Fact – Value problem is the difference between truth and right. In science there are facts that can be proven with experiments. In ethics there are only values which can not be proven. The fact-value problem is simply that ethical judgements cannot be reduced to a fact. This makes ethics more of an interpretation than a factual statement. Something that is is a fact and something that ought to be is a value. If i witness something i deem immoral my actions and feelings are just a personal interpretation of the event and are not fact.

The fact – value problem helped me think critically about ethics as it clearly separated how values are not fact which is something i had never thought of and forced me to look at ethics from a different view.