discussion board conduct a search for exercises or methods that will encourage you to start thinking differently

Conduct a search for exercises or methods that will encourage you to start thinking differently, as suggested in the Gladwin video and in your readings. You can use the University Library or any other source you uncover in your research. The Barlow Video in your reading is one example that was found in the Library and you should be supplying at least 2 other sources in addition to this week’s readings and videos.

  • Share at least 3 results of your work in this discussion area for your main post. Select at least one of these exercises or methods and in your post show how you have used it to address an issue that you faced in the simulation

Read the following chapters in the text found in the Library Books 24X7 Database

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  • Neal, A., & Conway, K. S. (2013). Leading from the edge global executives share strategies for success. Alexandria, Virginia: ASTD Press.

Section 1: “Introduction”

  • Chapter 1: “Fast Forward to the Future”

Section 2: “The Essential Traits”

  • Chapter 2: “Essential Traits 1-3,” focus on Trait 2
  • Chapter 3: “Essential Traits 4-6,” focus on Trait 4

Review these videos from the Library

  • Barlow, N. (© 2008). Rethinking how to open your mind. [Video File]. Available from Books24x7.
  • Gladwin, T. (© 2013). Leaders should be systems thinkers. [Video File]. Available from Books24x7.

Read the following articles found in the Library:

  • Senge, P., Hamilton, H., & Kania, J. (2015). The dawn of system leadership. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 13(1), 26-33.