discussion cessna loss of power accident analysis

This discussion forum utilizes the accident link below to facilitate an understanding and application of reciprocating engine design and construction. This discussion is based upon an actual accident and you are expected to apply investigative techniques to respond to the discussion questions listed below.

You will learn much more from participating in this discussion of the accident investigation, even without any previous knowledge of the events or circumstances. But if you are familiar with the accident or have done a little research and discovered the causes of the accident, please allow your classmates the opportunity to perform their own assessment.

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Discussion Resources

Discussion Questions

You are expected to assess the accident and respond to each of the following questions in the discussion post:

  1. How did the engine design and/or construction contribute to the accident?
  2. In your own words, what do you believe really happened?
  3. Do you believe the real cause(s) of the accident have been determined, if not why, if yes why?
  4. Review the Airworthiness Directive (AD) and explain if there is a possibility that the AD had any influence to this accident.
  5. What, if anything, would you do differently in the investigation?