discussion forum influence christianity has had on your field accounting business 300 words

Discussion forum: Final reflection

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The Schmidt text provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the influence that Christians have had in the world including in the areas of science, art, architecture, music, economics, business, healthcare, education, law, politics, literature, and, of course, theology and religion. In reference to your specific field (accounting, business), locate the chapter in the Schmidt text that most closely matches your major (you may use your minor, if necessary, to find a match). Re-read that chapter and consider the influence Christianity has had on your field. Please describe how this knowledge of the past, your Christian faith, and what you have learned in this course will influence you in your future academic and/or professional endeavors. Finally, please refer back to your original introductory blog post and indicate if or how your views of Christian leadership have changed.

“Turabian” writing style. 300 words