discussion hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing allows you to verify whether a supposition is correct. By considering the variables, you may also be able to analyze the reason why the hypothesis is proven correct or incorrect.

To prepare for this discussion, find a news story that presents statistics as evidence. Consider the following questions:

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  1. What are they trying to prove? I.e., what question are they trying to answer?
  2. What would the null hypothesis be–how could they say that what they are trying to prove isn’t happening?
  3. What would happen if they rejected the null?
    1. What action would they take?
    2. If there were a type I error, what would be the effect of the action taken?
  4. What would happen if they could not reject the null?
    1. What action would they take?
    2. If there was a type II error, what would be the effect of the action?

Post a brief, 200- to 250-word statement that identifies the null and alternative hypotheses involved in your article, the implications of the two potential conclusions that might have resulted, and the impact of potential Type I and/or Type II errors. Refer to the “Type II Error and the Power of a Test” section in the course text as well as reputable sources on the Internet to help in the formulation of your post.