Discussion – Peer Response

The narrator expresses his story in the form of a song. The music plays explaining the
deep thought of his life whose purpose of life was to spread the gospel to the whole world. He
was born in Chicago, his dad was a military, and his mum was a believer. The family later
moved to Illinois, and the narrator's dream seems to come true. He was a true believer in Christ,
and in this new home, he baseball become his first love. He later on hanged the bat and stopped
playing the game and kept the focus on his dream. In the end, his dream came to be true and
became a missionary spread the gospel all over the world.
After the second reading, I would like to appreciate the smooth flow of the story from
the top to the end. However there some statements that I think he left out one of them is that he
could have given a brief story of his academic. He told us in the story that his dad’s parent
divorced, why? Also, I was left curious about the relation between his life and the word that
made his eyes swell. Another thing I would wish to know is why the narrator had the passion for
being a missionary in spite of him not receiving the calling to be one like the other missionaries?
If this story were mine, I would try to give a brief description of the societies I was brought up.
This story is interesting.it has a good flow, and it has displayed a real character of life
that is possessed by the author. The author never loses hope, and he keeps his dream on target.
Also, I can term this to be a strong believer of faith despite the changes in his life he maintained
the passion for spreading the gospel.