discussion post 238

Part 1: Please comment with a min of 200 words.

Among the tools listed (e.g., graphics tools, knowledge-based tools, etc.) determine the type of tool that you would use for process improvement framework. Next, determine the type of tool you would use for problem solving framework. Justify your response.

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Part 2: Please comment and give your opinion on the below with a min of 100 words.

The type of tool you would use for process-improvement framework is Basic Graphical Analysis Tools. They consist of one variable/two or more variables which are used for plotting. Data Collection Tools consists of checksheets and surveys that are used to provide more details on data quality. Process Stability & Capability Tools are used to tell if the process is stable or in control. Capability tells us how good the individual parts are. Knowledge Based Tools which consist of (documenting process flow, understanding casual relationships, identifying & processing ideas).These tools would be used in the the process-improvement framework because they are used to meet new goals and objectives.