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This disscution will be On business situation of a company ABC , which sels Base On Online products Like electronics products, Food,Cloths, appliances. Most of the times this company faces problems regarding Low internet or anti-virus related troubles. Let us now discuss the five critical functions or methods used by the managers to analyze the internal and external threats causing problems for the costumers and this company. The managers of this company carry following important steps to deal with the risk or situations:

1. Identify the critical business functions of your business

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2. fulfill legal or financial obligations to maintain cash flow

3. safeguard an irreplaceable asset.

4. Play a key role in maintaining your business’ market share and reputation

5. Complete the Critical Business Functions Chart for each critical business function.

Considerations when Determining the Criticality of a Function:

The business objective/goalBusiness units (departments) perform this business function;

Emergency management

Potential for fines, litigation or other punishment for noncompliance due to a required regulatory requirement;

The priority ranking you would give this function within the entire organization’s functions.

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