dynamics of cybersecurity

Part 1:

Describe 3 distinguishable models of how the government could address cybersecurity policy. Models range from central control, putting someone “in charge” of cybersecurity; to a more federated, consensual approach; or a hybrid of the two approaches.

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Discuss the degree of regulation in cybersecurity that may be applied in each model and government’s role in assuring regulatory compliance in a range of models. The paper should also address the potential success of each regulatory compliance regime and consider the utility of economic incentives to assure compliance.

Part 2:

Write an opinion piece for a Washington, D.C. newspaper expressing your opinion on the effectiveness of the legislative, judicial, and administrative branches of government in addressing cybersecurity issues and propose how this might be improved. Write a critical opinion piece that calls for a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to cybersecurity and why one is needed.

Part 3:

Develop an outline for a persuasive PowerPoint presentation to a group of global company chief executive officers (CEOs) about the dynamics of the cybersecurity environments and threats that may require they develop a closer partnership with the U.S. government in the areas of cybersecurity practices, research and development, and global Internet governance that would be consistent with U.S. international policy.