e business implementation

my company is Dell

Outline the basic components of an e-business plan that incorporates the implementation of ERP, including supply chain management and customer relationship management. Because this is a PowerPoint presentation, it is important to capture the most important bullet points in each area. For example, when listing goals for your e-business implementation, be sure to include ERP, SCM, and CRM goals. When listing critical factors for ERP planning, include both success and failure factors. What will ensure success? What can harm the implementation?

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Use the following as a guide for your presentation.

  • Slide 1: Your name and the title of your presentation
  • Slide 2: Goals for your e-business implementation. Adapt your objectives analysis here.
  • Slide 3: Critical factors for ERP Planning. Remember what you discussed and learned in Unit 2.
  • Slide 4: Your ERP software proposal. What ERP software system, incorporating SCM and CRM, do you propose to implement? Include reasons in your sub-bullets.
  • Slide 5: ERP benefits to the enterprise. How would ERP affect internal departments? Go back to Units 1 and 2.
  • Slide 6: How would the supply chain process flow be improved through an ERP implementation?
  • Slide 7: What are CRM benefits to the enterprise?
  • Slide 8: Marketing situation analysis. What key points would you consider here? Which analytical tools would fit?
  • Slide 9: Proposed Web strategies.
  • Slide 10: Proposed social media strategies.
  • Slide 11: Proposed controls to measure your marketing strategies. Management will be interested in return on investment!
  • Slide 12: Reference list.