Environment – Air Pollution

Air Pollution Matters

Air pollution refers to the emission of solid, gases and other biological materials that
affect the atmosphere. It occurs when this gases, smoke, and dust enters the atmosphere and
hinders the way animals and plants survive since they contain harmful and toxic substances.
Human beings, animals, and plants depend on this air for survival, and any disruption will affect
the way this living organism behaves.
Air pollution has many causes which may be classified as a secondary or primary
cause. One of the major reason is the emission of gases from incompletely burnt fuel from motor
vehicles and nitrogen gas which pollutes the air (Monitoring, Control and Effects of Air
Pollution, 2011 p. 24). Another cause is decomposition of solid waste materials and garbage
which contains biodegradable materials that emit methane gas which is harmful gas in the
atmosphere. They also release volatile organic chemicals which are toxic to living organisms.
Another cause is the release of gases like Sulphur gas from industries which is poisonous
when inhaled by animals. Industrials also emit smoke and dust particles in the air which will
affect the ozone layer and thus leads to global warming. (" Air Pollution and Cultural Heritage, 2004,
p. 86). Another cause is natural causes like wildfires, dust, and volcanic activities by releasing
Sulphur dioxide, volcanic ash which interrupts with the atmosphere.
However, air pollution may lead to some effects like increased respiratory diseases such
as lung cancer and asthma. Also, global warming which is attributed to increased temperature.

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Formation of acid rains as a result of harmful gases such as Sulphur dioxide and also
Eutrophication which is the excessive growth of algae on the water surface. This growth leads to
the competition of oxygen in aquatic life thus posing a threat to fishing.
In conclusion, air pollution should be controlled to avoid endangered species in the whole
world. Also, a human being should take the initiative in reducing air pollution to enhance the
clean environment and to create awareness and educational programs on the need to preserve the

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