equal opportunity

You are an HR Manager for a large sheet metal manufacturing company. One of your largest customers has just secured a major office furniture contract with the federal government. Your customer wants your company to become a subcontractor for the project, making all of the plastic parts required. There is uncertainty among your organization’s top officials about whether or not to become part of this project, even thought it would be very lucrative. The disagreement centers around the preparation of an affirmative action plan and the goal achievement requirements imposed to correct underutilization.

Your paper of 4 to 5 pages (not including title page nor reference page) should address the following questions:

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  1. What are the EEO compliance requirements that impact a federal subcontractor?
  2. What are the important components of an affirmative action plan (expand on the goal-setting process)?
  3. How should affirmative action goals relate to an organization’s strategic human resources plan?
  4. What would you recommend to your organization’s top officials about becoming part of this project?

Use at least 5 library resources to help support and strengthen your discussion. Please upload your paper by the module due date.