essay 1 75 points rhetorical analysis 1

EN 300 L: Essay #1 (75 points): Rhetorical Analysis

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Due Date

: Thursday, September 6



Choose any essay from either of our textbooks,

outside of GR Chapters 1, 2, and 6.

For best results, choose an essay you feel is either very strong or very weak. Write a rhetorical

analysis of the essay (rhetorical analysis is detailed in Chapter 6), using the critical vocabulary

we have discussed in class (including such terms as audience, logos, ethos and pathos). Do NOT

explain whether you think the essay’s argument is “right” or “wrong,” but rather discuss how

well or poorly it makes its argument. Use specific examples from the text to back up your ideas.

Cite the essay in MLA format (unless you’ve spoken to me about using another format). The

citation model for an essay from either of our textbooks is #28 on page 255. Write at least 750

words, and include an additional works cited page.


: Your audience for this essay is a class of University Juniors and Seniors who are

interested in argument and writing, but who probably have not read the essay you are analyzing.

Grading Scheme



Thesis: The point you’re making about the essay you’re analyzing should be clear,

focused and specific – 15 points


Detail and Analysis: Your essay should carefully analyze the essay, including (but not

limited to) its use of logos, ethos, and pathos – 40 points


Clarity and Organization: Your essay should be carefully organized and easy to follow

and understand – 10 points