essay on topic in politics of italy center right in the 2nd republic

  • Grading Rubric available in the attachment
  • 2-3 sources expected per response; you need not go beyond assigned readings.
    • Please use (parenthetical) or footnote citations for sources; you may use the last-name or title as presented in the syllabus
    • If you are using additional sources, please cite these sources at the end
  • Your response should flow as a single answer so outline your responses before

Each question has ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ sub portions. You may optionally indicate where you are responding to each sub-portion. You may also optionally use bold, italic, or underline key responses (as I have done in the prompts). Neither are mandatory.


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VIII. Center-Right In the 2nd Republic (1994-2018)

Silvio Berlusconi and his allies dominated politics in the early years of the 2nd Republic. Elections were held in 1994, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2013, and 2018, with Berlusconi leading the center-right alliance. In each election, this coalition either received the most votes or were trailing by less than 1%.

  1. What characterized the style of governance during the center-right’s time in power?
  2. What issues dominated political rhetoric during the center-right’s time in power?
  3. Were the dynamics of this governing coalition typical (as compared to either standard expectations of representative parliamentary government and/or Italy’s 1st Republic)?

Readings :

1-Giuliano Bobba and Duncan MacDonald. Italy, a Strong and Enduring Market for Populism. 2015. InEuropean Populism in the Shadow of the Great Recession: p. 163-179

2-Carlo Ruzza and Stefano Fella (2011) Populism and the Italian Right. Acta Politica 46, 158–179.

3-Stefano Fella & Carlo Ruzza (2013) Populism and the Fall of the Centre-Right in Italy: The End of theBerlusconi Model or a New Beginning?, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 21:1, 38-52

4-Elisabetta De Giorgi & Filippo Tronconi (2018) The center-right in a search for unity and the re-emergence of the neo-fascist right, Contemporary Italian Politics, 10:4, 330-345,