essay writing 104

Write a 500-word essay about the impact of reading upon your life. A literacy essay explores one’s growth as a reader. Don’t confuse literacy with literature. The goal is to come up with a thesis that states how one specific text, or perhaps a series of them, or just the written word in general contributed to your personal development.

This may seem a bit strange, but I want you to write about yourself in the third person and then use yourself as a source for the works-cited list at the end. In other words, write about yourself as if you’re writing about someone else. For example, if I were doing this assignment, I would NOT write, “I always had lots of books as a kid.” Instead, I’d write, “Dr. Robertson always had lots of books as a kid. Then I’d cite myself as a “personal interview” in the works cited at the end. All your major assignments should be in third person. The third person’s name is Haiyi Hu.

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Use MLA style throughout in Times New Roman 12.

Include a heading and headers.

Double-space everything.

Quote and cite from each source at least once within your text. Sources include the literature we’ve read (each item is a separate entry) and any outside sources you might decide to use.

List each source in the works-cited section at the end (no works cited = automatic D!).

Include at least three paragraphs (intro., body, and conclusion). You can have as many body paragraphs as you like; just make sure they’re not too short.