ethics reasoning

Write an essay with about 500 words as prompted in the question.

  • Your decision in summary form as clearly and succinctly as possible
  • Describe the relevant ethical principles that apply to the situation
  • Describe the relevant facts and how the ethical principles should be applied
  • Your reasoning in more detail that led to your decision


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You are the vice-president at a large multinational corporation and responsible for the HR (Human Relations) department. You are about to finalize a new policy for taking sick leave from work that will determine worldwide policy for thousands of employees in about 20 nations. In current policy, employees are entitled to take up to 2 weeks of sick leave to care for a family member but after the 2 weeks, the employee will no longer get paid. A finance manager approaches you to describe a recent situation with an employee who exhausted the 2 weeks and had to go on un-paid leave but as a result, the employee could not pay his rent and became homeless. The finance manager also informed you that most of the company’s employees are getting older and have aging parents or close family relatives to look after. If you provide a generous leave policy, the company may suffer significant financial burden. If you do not (provide a generous policy), employees may leave (resign from the company) and the public may be less willing to patronize your company. Explain your new policy decision on sick leave and explain how you came to the decision.