evidence based management

Evidence-Based Management Draft

You have identified a business health care issue and a clinical health care issue, researched the issues, and gained insight into them. It is now time to create a draft of your course project for review by your peers and instructor.

For this discussion, focus on one of your two issues. Based on sources of information you retrieved and your insight, how can the problem be resolved? What can be updated? What can be applied to improve process?

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Here are some ideas to get your started:

  • Analyze the issue using the sources found.
  • Determine a resolution for the issue based on the research conducted.
  • Consider how your conclusions relate to the EbM model.

Prepare your paper as follows:

  • Include the information from the first three steps (that is, information from the assignments and discussions in Units 4–7). Make sure it is organized in a logical fashion.
  • Present your information as the readings and activities outlined for Step 4 of the EbM model. Per the model, presenting the recommendations and decisions is not usually included, but for the sake of this assignment, it should be included.