exercise and sport physiology

Identify two of the most prolific scientists in your personal area of interest in exercise and sport physiology (weight lifting) and describe what they have done and how they have contributed to the field of exercise science.

Discuss why are there contributions important to the field of exercise science?

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Your paper must be in APA format and written at graduate level.

Must use proper citations throughout the paper and in the reference page.

Page number minimum is 3-4 pages.

Scholarly resources minimum is 4. Include one of the class room resources.

Class room resources:

Baechle & W.C Dickinson.Essentials of strength training and conditioning (2nd edition)Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics

Brooks, G.A. Fahey, T.D. and Baldwin, KM (2005). Exercise Physiology: Human Bioengineering and its Applications. (4th Edition) New York: McGraw-Hill.

Fleck, S.J. & Kraemer, W.J. (2004) Designing resistance training programs (3rd Ed) Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Guyton, A.C. & Hall J.E. (2000). Textbook of medical physiology (10th Ed). Philadelphia. Saunders

MacIntosh, B.R., Gardiner, P.F, & McComas, A.J. (2006)Skeletal Muscle and Function (2nd Edition) Champaign, IL:Human Kinetics