foreign policy paper proposal

Students must write a Proposal of American Policy about a country of their choosing followed by a recommendation of what the United States should do in the future in relations with that particular country.You will need to choose one country and write about some aspect of US foreign policy towards that country. If you choose a country where the US has more frequent interaction, such as China or the UK, you will need to come up with a more specific topic compared to choosing a country with less overt interactions such as Myanmar or Zimbabwe.

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The foreign policy paper will be a 10 to 12 page typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins, with Times New Roman font.

TUTOR : before starting the paper please submit the topic to me first that you have selected then ill agree . then ill give you the go ahead to write paper. I will also give extension on the time frame to complete paper. I need the topic first to submit to professor for approval.