formal email 1

In 300 words I would like you to write me a formal email about WALMART grocery store has a problem and it needed to be fixed. Walmart have a problem in the customer service about food sublimes some of it be broken or missed a part, for example broken eggs. Often customers have returning the purchased the got claiming either missing or broken part. Walmart would throw them in the trash. The customer service tried to solve the problem by checking the stuff before selling it. Does the eggs already broken or whiled moving it to the store. Should the employees be more is careful?

in 4 paragraphs

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  • One store and specific where is it; the introduction
  • How do u know the problem is exist
  • How is it going to be fixed and what’s the benefits of fixing it to the company and how does the change accrue and this part is the longest
  • Closing: in short

there is more information about the assignment in the file please look at it.