grammar checking

I almost finished this essay, but the grammar part I need some help. I write 5 and half page, so I need you add a little bit words to reach the minimum number of pages.

This Final paper will be a in-depth analysis and synthesis of your learning from the entire course. You should include the main ideas from the reading on each of the covered religions, but should also describe how these ideas relate to your previous learning, your own life experience, and your personal thoughts and feelings. The paper should be a total of 6-7 full pages, double-spaced (12 font). Paper will be graded on both thoroughness and depth of thought. I want to see that you have thought deeply about each religion, and about religion as a whole, and that you can articulate your conclusions. This is not so much a summary, as a description of your perspective on religion(s) after these 5-6 weeks of study. Even if your opinions have not changed, you most likely have more informed, insightful opinions than you did before. Please be honest and speak in your own voice. I want to know what you, personally, think and feel. Writing authentically always makes for more interesting reading as well! By the way, this assignment will automatically be run through “” to check for plagiarism, so DO NOT COPY any phrases from other students, books, or Internet sources.

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