health education 17

Read the article following article at the end of the Self-efficacy Theory chapter:
Chao, Y., Scherer, Y. K., Wu, Y., Lucke, K. T., & Montgomery, C. A.(2013). The Feasibility of an intervention combining self-efficacy theory and Wii Fit Exergames in assisted living residents: A pilot study. Geriatric Nursing, 34, 377- 382. doi: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2013.05.006…

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Based on the information in the article answer the following questions:

1.) Do you believe the constructs of the Self-Efficacy Theory used to guide development of the intervention were effectively utilized? Justify your answer

2.) If you were given the responsibility of creating intervention in improving exercise confidence, fear of falling, and balance, what would you do differently from what was done in the assisted living community?