history of engineering egypt greece rome and byzantium

Question: What circumstances/conditions supported innovation in the ancient world (Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Byzantium)? You must use the evidence from this section (either from the readings, power points, or videos). (limit three factors) (See example A papers) please.

***Innovation is a key component in the advancement of technology. There have been many periods of innovation and creativity in human history, as well as many periods of stagnation and decline. In this course, we have discussed some of the more innovative periods. This somewhat skewed view of human history offers us the opportunity to think more deeply about the circumstances that foster innovation. What made these particular societies so successful? Are there any factors that they have in common that have proven useful in advancing technology and/or science? Your task in this assignment it to try and answer those questions.

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In your papers, you will be using the relevant evidence from this course (NOT from online sources)

Book Science and Technology in World History: An Introduction, Second edition (2006), McClellan III and Dorn.

A Culture of Improvement: Technology and the Western Milllennium (2007), Robert Friedel.

Engineering in the Ancient World (2000), J.G. Landels.

Formatting and Basic Requirements:

5 – 7 pages

12 pt. font (Times New Roman)

Double-spaced (and do not put an extra space between paragraphs! (that means turning off the 10pt or 8pt setting for paragraphs in Word.)

1” margins

Left justify only

No subheadings

include page numbers (top right corner except on the first page)

include an outline (Please use one of the two templates that I provided). Please place at the beginning of your assignment (it does not count towards the length of the paper!).

include a “Works Cited” page (see “What your paper should look like”)