how to implement a vpd case

Lab Virtual Private Database (VPD) by Context

In this lab, must implement a VPD case. It is a good idea to refer to the supplemental materials. Please follow the specifications below.

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The tasks are as follows:

  • Connect to user SYSTEM. When you need to connect to SYSTEM schema, please use a syntax so that it will ask the user to type the password. A typical example will be: “connect system;”
  • Grant “DBA” role to user DBSEC. This is the same user created on a previous lab. If for some reason, the user was dropped, you need to recreate the user before proceeding.
  • Grant “CREATE SESSION” and “CREATE TABLE” privileges to user VPD_CLERK1.
  • Connect to user DBSEC/ IS481%sec. Please note that the password was from our previous lab.If for some reason, the user was dropped or changed, you need to change it back to the above user name and password.
  • Create “CUSTOMER” table with the following columns. Please note slight changes in the table from previous project.