human resource management discussions every module discussions should be submitted in a separate document


Every module should be be done in a separate document. that is module 3 and 8 in separate documents

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Should be formatted in MLA with relevant references

Answer each and every question

Provide a high quality work no plagiarism no grammar typos

Check the discussion assignment rubric and the MLA Formatting guide

Thank you

Module 3: Needs Analysis & Information Privacy

Once the functions have been determined and the project team is in place, the next step to begin the system analysis.

  1. Think about what data you would want to track for a music collection.
  2. Using Excel, create a data dictionary to track the music collection. Include a minimum of 5 fields and field definitions such as field length, field type, etc.
  3. Post a message here with your Excel file attached and be prepared to discuss it with your fellow learners.
  4. Review two other data dictionaries and offer your suggestions
Module 8: Collecting HR Research Data
  1. Describe an attendance issue that you have observed in HR (workforce behaviour).
  2. Identify some possible reasons and describe how it can be corrected (use common sense and technical knowledge).
  3. Review two other postings and provide additional reasons or corrections.