i have a disscusion board on identity essays due on sunday 300 words no plagiarism please

After reading the other three essays assigned for this week (see calendar), what conclusions can you draw about stereotypes and the difficulty people face in overcoming them?

How do the experiences of the writers in “Myth of a Latin Woman” and “Just Walk on By” differ from that of the narrator in “Shooting an Elephant”?

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How are they the same?

What does the essay “Why Looks are the Last Bastion of Discrimination” add to the conversation?

Please post your initial response of around 300 words by Sunday of the respective week.

The Discussion Reply section is an important aspect of the Discussion itself. You will need to reply to at least three students in this forum in order to receive full credit. Each reply must be at least 50 words each by Tuesday of the respective week. Please use this reply opportunity to establish a stronger community among each other. Ask questions of your classmates, provide links, explain your own related ideas on the topic at hand. When you ask your classmates questions about their posts, be certain to ask open-ended questions that will stimulate further discussion of the topic. For this discussion on Rhetorical Analysis, as you develop your reply to your classmates, the following are some questions to consider: Is the narrator trying to report or recount an anecdote, an experience, or an event? How does this narrative illustrate or clarify the claim or argument? What effect might this story have on the audience? Use this forum to develop your intellectual inquiries with your classmates.