i have an essay due tommorow at 12 short notice i know

The Essay is about the topic of if the United States is nearing Fascism or not, I choose the side of that it is not however we should be cautious because that is what All bright and Moore have been warning us about. Also you had to research a certain country and compare it to ours to see its fall versus ours (I Picked China and How its new president changed the constitution for life long rule)

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The Movie we had to watch was Fahrenheit 11/9 it is on Amazon prime movie

We also had to listen to Albrights Interview https://www.npr.org/2018/04/03/599120190/madeleine…

and the rest was outside sources

I dont want it to sound super crazy a High C or Low B is fine with me for this.( dont get too crazy in depth or anything its primarily opinion based “Economic Writing”) It is a 4 Page essay Please Help Me out all i need is a Bish 🙂

I linked my Rough Draft To Help if needed