i need help to write my internship report

I need help to write my Internship Report and my topic is “Center for Cyber Defense & Forensics” at Tiffin University. I need you to follow all the instructions and put the experiences from the EXCEL file… Please I need 0% Plagiarism.


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The internship paper as outlined on page 7 of the Internship Procedures Guide states that for your paper you should:

-Submit a paper appropriate to the demands of the internship experience and the related literature, but not less than 10 pages, as assigned by the faculty supervisor. The paper, at a minimum, should address the following:

a. The difference(s) observed between theories derived from classroom instruction, and the intern’s actual agency experience.

b. Courses at Tiffin University which the intern feels especially pertinent in preparing them for their internship experience.

c. Internship experiences the intern was surprised to encounter and what Tiffin University can add to its curriculum to alleviate surprise to future interns.

Additional requirements of the paper by the supervising faculty may include, but are not limited to:

o an exploration of a problem the host agency deals with

o an agency description

o an examination of the relationship of the agency experience to the intern’s career choices

o a review of the internship experience based on the log kept by the intern

o a review of the literature appropriate to the internship served

o a scholarly discussion of the similarities and differences noted between experience and theory o a reference list for all citations

You must also submit:

– A written/typed journal of your daily intern activities

– A time sheet

– An updated resume that includes your internship in it.