i want to write annotation worksheet 1

We’re are finishingthis week the readings attached to Essay 1. When you are reading I want to you catalogue your own responses and observations (part of the annotation process) and look closely and consider the following:

  • What kind of stories is the author sharing?
  • Why do you think he or she chose to share those specific stories? What is his or her purpose?
  • What do you think is the result of the author being so open about those experiences? What is your reaction to reading those specific stories in the moment? What do you feel as you read them? (Particularly focus on what makes those stories effective or not effective compared to others.)

To start our Essay 1 unit, we are reading this week: “There is No Recipe for Growing Up” by Scaachi Koul and “How to Get a Green Card in America” by Sarah Thankam Mathews.

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After you have read and annotated both pieces, please submit an annotation worksheet which I have supplied.

You can submit one combined annotation worksheet with the information from each work, or submit a separate worksheet for each piece. Once you have finished the annotation worksheet, please write up an academic summary for both readings.

NEW ADDITION TO YOUR ACADEMIC SUMMARY: Your academic summary for these two pieces should now be longer than four sentences. The new piece we are adding this week to your academic summaries is the author’s tone. How does the author sounds in their language? Is it formal or informal? Is it scholarly? Is it humorous or sad? Is it furious or angry?

To receive full credit, you must fill out the entire annotation worksheet and submit a completed academic summary for each text. Notice: the Annotation Worksheet Template has been updated.

Click here for the Annotation Worksheet Template in .docx format.

Click here for the the Annotation Worksheet Template in .pdf format.

Click here tor the Academic Summary Directions + Worksheet.