identifying the current issues facing the marketing discipline that you wish to study 1

The topic proposal should be 2-3 paragraphs identifying the current issues facing the marketing discipline that you wish to study.

For Example:

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Customer satisfaction is defined by Zeithaml and Bitner as “the customers’ evaluation of a product or service in terms of whether that product or service has met their needs and expectations (as cited in Wilson, 2002, p. 213). The buyer’s expectations provide the evaluative criteria against which the consumer can judge the experience (Zeithaml & Berry, 1993). Once consumption of the product takes place, the consumer uses those criteria to evaluate their experiences with the product and come to a conclusion regarding their satisfaction with the product (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2004). Kotler and Armstrong (2006) state that customer satisfaction occurs when the customer’s experience with the product either meets or exceeds their expectations.

Kotler and Armstrong (2006) go on to indicate that “highly satisfied customers make repeat purchases and tell others about their good experiences with the product” (p. 13). It stands to reason, therefore, that business decision-makers in today’s business environment are interested in utilizing the available information regarding customer satisfaction in making informed business decisions.

This paper will focus on the role that the measurement of customer satisfaction plays in the development of marketing models and the subsequent application of those models in business today.