inbs310 global business communication

Instructions: In order to complete this assignment, I am asking you to read at least three sources of your choice (e.g., newspaper articles, academic articles, books, etc.) and report a full citation of your sources in your homework. For example:

Economic Scene; Protectionism Vs. Free Trade. The New York Times, 1983 accessed at on Aug 23 2018.

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Marco Rubio: To Fight China on Trade, We Need More than Tariffs. The New York Times, 2018 accessed at on August 24th 2018.

Reagan Protectionism vs. Trump Protectionism. The Wall Street Journal, 2018 accessed at on August 24th 2018.

Instructions (continued): Answer the questions below

  • What is economic system? List different types of economic systems. In a few sentences describe how economic system in the US is different from China.
  • In the table below, list one or more arguments in support of free trade and one or more arguments in support of protectionism.