introductory paper

Review the discussion of “strategic leaders” at the beginning of Chapter 2. Strategic leadership involves the use of power and influence to direct and manage others in pursuit of an organization’s goals. Typically the most important strategic leaders are leaders and key managers in established corporations and entrepreneurs who build their own companies.

I. In no more than 650 words (two and a half pages double-spaced), answer the following questions:

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Do you want to be a strategic leader at some point in your career?

Do you agree with the description in Chapter 2 of what a strategic leader should be and do?

Whether you want to be a strategic leader or not, describe a goal in your life. If it is not a business or career goal, tell how it relates to your career.

Why do you want to pursue this goal? What might stop you?

What do you hope to get out of a course in strategic management that might help you overcome the obstacles and reach the goal?

Optional: Review the course syllabus and schedule on Canvas and the grading principles in the “About this course” section of the course home page. Tell what grade you hope to achieve in the course, summarize in your own words what kind of work you will need to do to earn that grade, and tell how doing the work that way is likely to help your career. If your description is appropriate, I will try to measure you according to your description of the kind of work you will need to do and help you earn the grade you seek.

Students making such a proposal may write up to 850 words (3 pages double-spaced or a bit more).

II. List three businesses whose strategies you will think about in this class. In class you will both analyze whether these firms’ strategies are good and consider how they might be better. If you are not currently employed, the companies should be small-to-medium-sized businesses. Smaller food store chains, restaurants, and other retail businesses that you interact with every day are good choices. If you are currently employed and your employer is large, include your employer as one of the three businesses.