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Java and C++ Programming Language
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Java and C++ Programming Language 2
Java and C++ are types of languages used in computer programming. They are used by
the programmers to develop new applications and to come up with new computer related ideas.
These languages of programming usually use word, symbols and special characters during
programming (Pierce Benjamin C. 2002). This research covers the summary of the two
programming languages, benefits, limitations and the types of application that suites each
programming language.
Java is both a platform and a programming language. It was founded at Sun
Microsystems in 1995 by a programmer known as James Gosling. Java is a programming
language that is highly secured, strong and of high-level programming language. It is also a
programming language that is object oriented, and it is designed in such a way that the level of
dependencies in implementation is maintained at a minimum. C and C++ languages are used to
support Java programming. Much of the Java syntax is usually derived from the C++ and C
though the facilities from the either of them are of low level.
As a computer programming language, it is class-based, concurrent and it allows the
developers of the application “write once, run anywhere” (WORA). it implies that a Java code
that is compiled can operate on any platform that is Java enabled without the recompilation
necessity (A van Deursen 1999). The attainment of this arises from the compilation of
intermediate representation known as Java bytecode to the language code of the Java instead of
to architecture the specific code of the machine directly (k Goldman 2004). The instructions of
the bytecode of the Java are analogous to the code of the device. They are aimed to a virtual
machine for execution. The virtual machine is written specifically for the hardware acting as
host. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is usually installed in the devices of the end users for

Java and C++ Programming Language 3
Java applets web browsers or Java applications that are stand-alone. The end user uses this JRE.
Java programming language is the most commonly used computer programming language today.
Advantages associated with Java programming include; Java has the capability of
performing more than one task at the same time within the same program. This makes Java to be
referred to as a multithreaded programming. Java programming is reliable. It can detect errors
very early before execution stage while other languages show errors during execution. When it
comes to independences, Java platform is independent. This is a paramount and significant
advantage of Java as it can change from one system to another easily. Java platform it’s not only
independent of the source but also at binary levels. Java has the ability of the same code to run
on more than one different system is very important to word wide web (www). Learning Java is
much easier as compared to other languages. It is easy to write, compile, debug, run and easy to
use. The security of Java programming language is highly enhanced. The runtime environment
language and interpretation of Java are well designed and secured.
Java has some limitations associated with it. One, it is not available to all platforms.
Some platforms are not java enabled, and therefore Java language cannot run on it. Java is also
somehow slow. Java programming does not meet the required or the needed speed by its client. It
should be time-intensive and fast enough. There another limitation of Java is that it is immature.
It will continue to improve hence upgrades of its applications will be demanded.
They are four major types of Java application that can be developed through applying
Java programming. The window-based application is one of the applications that use Java
language. It is usually a standalone application that applies Java knowledge. An example of this
application is Antivirus which requires instalment is java enabled. The web application is the

Java and C++ Programming Language 4
second application of Java. Jsp, struts, etc. are current technologies are used in Java to create web
applications (Pierce Benjamin C. 2002). An enterprise application is the third application of Java.
This includes banking application among others. They are highly secured and robust. The mobile
application is the fourth and widely used Java, and Android is currently used to
develop mobile applications.
Computer programming language C++ was developed in 1980 at the Bell Telephone
Laboratories by Bjarne Stroustrup. This programming language follows abstraction,
encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance oops like the concept (Pierce Benjamin C. 2002).
The programming language is object-oriented, very simple and uses easy language. The
programming language unlike the Java it is platform dependent.
Advantages of C++ include; it’s a language that is easily and highly portable. It can be
used by applications that have a multi-platform nature (Sebesta, Robert W., Mukherjee, Soumen.
and Bhattacharjee, Arup Kumar 2016). Like Java, C++ is also object oriented. It’s a
programming language that uses data abstraction, encapsulation, classes, inheritance and
polymorphism. Unlike Java programming language, C++ has a great function in the library. Also
in C++, overloading of functions is enabled, and it also allows exception handling. Due to it
being efficient, fast and powerful, C++ is widely used by GUI applications and games of the 3D
graphic to the simulation of mathematics in real time.
Limitations of C++ programming language are; it is usually complex in the high level
program. C++ does not have the capability of supporting garbage collection. Hence it lacks to
enhance Dynamic Memory Allocation. Another limitation of C++ is that unlike Java, C++ is

Java and C++ Programming Language 5
insecure. Its because this programming language usually has a pointer. Also, this programming
language is slow and hence cannot be used in applications that are platform dependent.
C++programming language is applied in designing of the operating system (OS) like
Windows XP etc. this programming language is also used for indexing by the Google. It is also
employed in games and computer application in the development of graphics. When trying to
work out mathematical problems, C++ is highly applicable. Browsing applications like Google
Chrome, Firefox among others are usually developed using the knowledge of C++ programming
language. Most of the major Adobe Systems applications are developed using this programming
The two programming languages play a crucial role in computer programming. They
have contributed to the high growth rate across the world. The programming languages have also
helped to make work easier, improve human creativity and lead to the development of new
thoughts. The both programming language seems to be compatible.

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Java and C++ Programming Language 6

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