jazz discussion 2

Please respond to the following questions on two separate document.

Question 1

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Discussion Post

For this final discussion post, please share something that surprised you about jazz, something that you didn’t know was so substantial about the music, or that you found absolutely fascinating. This is a pretty wide open question.

For instance you may have been surprised how jazz developed over time across the United States with regional pockets popping up over the course of the music.

Your post should be 200 words

Question 2

I would like you to find a jazz musician or recording from 1980 to the present era to listen to. Answer the following questions below: Who is the musician or group? Who is the leader? What is the name of the song or recording? What style or era of jazz do you associate this with and why? Pick one performer on the recording and discuss who they most sound like. For instance if you chose Dave Liebman, you could easily compare him to John Coltrane. (Don’t pick Liebman. He’s awesome but I gave you an answer) How well received was the album or song? You may need to look for reviews. You can include Amazon, Apple Music, but also look for jazz critics’ reviews. Out of 5 stars, what you believe the consensus is on the recording? Do you enjoy this or not and why? Your answer should be uploaded in a file format that Blackboard recognizes (pdf, doc, docx, etc.)