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Throughout this video, I have noticed that there are several ways to build my brand or the benefits of helping build my brand through social media. Using mission statements/bios, podcasts, following those with similar interests, and consistency help build your brand into one that is valuable and inspirational to others (Carlile). Benefits include faster connection, easy evolution and adaptation, increase of valuable asset, flexibility, power, and self-dependency (Silva).

As stated in the video, there are multiple ways that can increase your brand and it’s following. Stated in the above paragraph are some of the main ways to building your brand. Staying true and authentic to your mission and values seems to be one of the main factors that play an important role in doing so. While building a brand, it is necessary to reach out to others, mainly those with similar interests and/or missions as you. With all of these factors, it is also crucial to stay consistent in your posts and with your mission. Though there are several steps that you must follow in order to build your brand, there are also many benefits to doing this.

Benefits of building a brand are seemingly great. Building a brand creates power and independence for yourself, but also helps you connect with others rather quickly. Personal brands can also be changed/develop easily, helping grasp your audiences attention and keeping them interested and excited for what is to come.


The video we had to watch really made me think about my social media sites and the things I put out there. It also made me think about the accounts I follow that are small business owners. Her video made so much sense to me. At the beginning of this year I began working out very hard, not to loose weight but to just feel stronger and better about myself. I began following a lot of Instagram fitness people and began to do their videos that they would post daily. consistency is key and to post at least one thing daily. The fitness accounts I follow post at least one workout a day and at the end of their post remind people to go look and their fitness program. Also these fitness accounts have links for their fitness program in each of their bios which is another concept Leslie talked about in her video. The last concept I really got was to follow people who follow people like you. For example again, the fitness accounts I follow will all like each other’s daily workout post. Even though they each have their own fitness program they are trying to promote, they are also helping and encouraging each other. I really think this is huge. I do not like when people get competitive and will not help someone else when they are just trying to better themselves. Follow people who follow people like you is probably the biggest thing I got from this video and will be doing that more often instead of just following people I know. Consistency is also a concept I will work on. If one post a day can help change a person’s life then it is worth it and that is what I hope for.