lecture questions

Questions – Please answer any FIVE of the following seven questions:

  • How does the Pixar short film about the birds on the wire convey elements of communication without using language?
  • Switching between language patterns (such as formal/informal or different types of gestures) based on your environment or situation is called code switching. For example, you don’t talk to your mother the same way you do to your friends or your friends how you speak to your boss. How skilled are you at recognizing what language patterns go in what situations?
  • How skilled are you at reading non-verbal communication clues?
  • How can non-verbal communication differ between cultures? Why is this important to understand?
  • Why is it important to understand cultural communication differences?
  • What can we learn about cultures based on their communication patterns?
  • Why is it important for us to understand/expect differences in basic, daily actions between cultures?

Please answer the following three questions:

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  • Look at the cultural assignments in the Ethnography Assignment folder in Module Three to see what culture you’ve been assigned for your ethnography. What are you most looking forward to learning about this culture & why?
  • It’s very easy express ethnocentric attitudes when comparing beliefs & activities across cultures – often times without even knowing it. We say things like, “this culture is really weird about how they view death” or something similar. What do you plan to do to help curb this way of talking about other cultures?
  • How has this course affected your outlook on culture in general & more specifically, as it applies to healthcare?