looking for help on sociology paper video included 2 pages

Option #1: Undocumented Worker

For this assignment, you will watch In the Shadows by Broadbandaid Films. Video link: https://csuglobal.kanopystreaming.com/video/shadow…. After you watch this video, you will write an essay that addresses the following:

  • What is an undocumented worker?
  • What is the role of an immigrant worker?
  • What challenges do they face when they come to the United States?
  • How does their (social) status change once they are gainfully employed?

Your undocumented worker paper should meet the following requirements:

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  • 2 pages in length, not including cover and reference pages.
  • Include headings in your paper to organization your thoughts
  • Cite a minimum of one source to support your responses.

Can answer the questions without watching the video!

Video is long and doesn’t not need to be watched all the way through!